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All of our tours are planned with the active mature adult in mind but many towns, cities and villages around the World were built prior to the advent of the motor coach, some are built on hills or mountains and others have many steps. While we try to see as much as we can by coach, often we can only gain access to some places on foot. Also many hotels are modern with all the latest facilities, while others still have a few stairs to climb and a little walk from reception to your room. Some programs are simply designed with the more active mature adult in mind. Therefore, in order to help you select the program most appropriate to your level of fitness, we have rated them into 3 categories:-


These are programs on which most of the cities can be explored by coach, where walking tours are relatively short and generally on the flat and all hotels have lifts with easily accessible rooms.


These are programs on which some of the places visited can only be explored on foot and where walking tours may be a little longer and not always on the flat. Accommodation may have some stairs and or have some rooms which may involve some walking to access.


These are the programs planned for the more active ma­ture adult which involve some more strenuous activities such as walking between 5 and 10 km a day on uneven surfaces or on gradients or which involve some other form of organised physical activity.


All of our programs naturally involve some walking in order to discover bet­ter the places visited and, although we arrange porterage where this is available, participants are expected to be able to handle their own bags. Our program leaders will always try to make as much of the program as possible available for those who find walking longer distances, uphill or down steps difficult but, in same places, this cannot always be avoided.

If you have any concerns at all about your level of fitness and the program you would like to join, please do not hesitate to talk to us and discuss further with the experts who know the particular demands of each program.